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      ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould Limited-Introduction Founded in 2001, Shenzhen Jinggongda Mold & Plastics Co.,Ltd is a one-stop professional manufacturer of mold and plastic products. We provide mold designs and manufacturing, rapid prototyping, injection molding, laser carving, spray painting, screen printing, product assembly and OEM/ODM services. W...

      Management Ideas


      Management Ideas:Create the value for our customers,create a stage for our employees and create wealth for the society.

       Corporate Version:Aim to be a first-class modern enterprise if high quality,high demand,high standard and high effcioncy.

      Strategic Objective:Be determined to make the best plastic moulds...


      • Mold assembly area-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedMold assembly area
      • High-speed engraving machine-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedHigh-speed engraving machine
      • Mirror spark machine area-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedMirror spark machine area
      • EDM machine area-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedEDM machine area
      • Monochrome  injection machine-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedMonochrome injection machine
      • 100-2000 ton injection machine-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould Limited100-2000 ton injection machine
      • Injection workshop-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedInjection workshop
      • Silk screen shop-EquipMent-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedSilk screen shop


      • Auto Cylinder Mold-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedAuto Cylinder Mold
      • Color handle mold-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedColor handle mold
      • Hot Hunner Mold-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedHot Hunner Mold
      • Color Medical mold-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedColor Medical mold
      • Two-color waterproof phone-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedTwo-color waterproof phone
      • Color Power Tools-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedColor Power Tools
      • Air Purifier-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedAir Purifier
      • Trunk-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedTrunk
      • Vacuum cleaner-Product-ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould LimitedVacuum cleaner
      ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould Limited-Mobile SiteMobile Site

      Copyright©2009-2013 Copyright:ShenZhen JingGongDa Plastic Mould Limited

      China Factory:The ninth buidling,TongFuyu Industrial park,Lezhujia,Xixiang,Baoan District,shenzhen,Guangdong,china

      HK companies:No.6,1509,Shing Estate,KwaiChung,New Territories,Hong Kong

      Technical Support:xyunInfo
      KeyWord:chinese mold factory,china mold, plastic, plastic products
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